Outdoor concert

Last weekend, Karl and I spent a Saturday afternoon doing something completely out of the ordinary. We attended a concert by local musician, Jeremy Messersmith, in a Minneapolis cemetery. Yes, a cemetery. How cool is that?!!

Apparently Jeremy wrote almost his entire recent album, The Reluctant Graveyard, while hanging out in the Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery. It is the oldest cemetery in Minneapolis and one of the only cemeteries to be on the National Register of Historic Places. It is home to several early pioneers that helped shape Minneapolis as well as soldiers from wars ranging from the War of 1812 to World War 1. Sadly, more than half of the 20,000 buried there are children.

It was a beautiful fall day for a concert. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles opened for Jeremy Messersmith. The Hola Arepa food truck was there too. More than 700 tickets were sold to benefit the preservation of the cemetery, primarily the decorative steel and limestone fence surrounding the cemetery.

Here are some photos of the day, enjoy!


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