Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to have Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture right here in the Kingfield neighborhood. First, I get to walk to my yoga class, how awesome is that?!! I finally got Karl to try yoga with me, turns out he loves it! Second, we’ve discovered kettlebells. This is serious workout with rapid results (let me flex my biceps for you!) and a lot of fun at the same time. And third, we absolutely love Colleen and Christian, the owners of Four Gates. They are two of the nicest and coolest people around!

A few weeks ago, Colleen contacted me and asked for photos of her and Christian for the Four Gates website. So I ran over to the studio and got some great shots of this lovely couple. We tried to take some of their super cute son, Atticus, but he was a little groggy from a nap so we decided to try again another day (photos soon to come!).

In addition to yoga and kettlebells, Four Gates also offers classes in Qi Gong, Conscious Cardio, Ladies Jam, and one of my favorites, Cosmic Kettlebells, a fusion of yoga and kettlebells. They also offer massage therapy and acupuncture.

I think what I love most about Four Gates is the sense of community they have brought to their studio. We’ve met more of our neighbors and made friends in the classes at Four Gates. And most importantly, we have fun working out!!

More information about Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture can be found here.


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