Color or black and white?

One of the joys (and dilemmas) with digital photography is all the possibilities that arise in editing photos. The first and most basic decision is whether an image should be done in color or black and white. It used to be in the days of film that I either shot with color film or black and white film. Unless I had 2 cameras (a rare luxury for me) my sessions were entirely in one or the other. Now in the days of digital, I shoot everything in color then I have to make a decision once I’m home at my computer. This can be an incredibly difficult for someone who can’t make such simple decisions like what color to paint the bathroom (I’ve only been in my house 10+years and the bathroom has been painted 4 different colors), what movie to go see, or even what to make for dinner tonight! Some images scream black and white, some happily remain in color but some images look so lovely in either.

What do you think? In general, do you prefer color or black and white? Which do you prefer for this photo of sweet little Everly?


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