Treasured Haven Farm Adventure Run

Yesterday the hubby woke me at 6 o’clock in the morning. On a Sunday. His goal was to drag me over an hour’s drive north of the city to a farm in Rush City, MN. Did I mention it was 50 some degrees outside and misting/raining? Yeah, this could be the meanest thing he’s ever done to me.

The truth is I agreed to it ahead of time and I was kind of excited about it. We were off to Treasured Haven Farm for a 10 mile adventure run. Not me, of course! Karl’s the runner!

Treasured Haven is huge! They are a Community Supported Agriculture farm and have a variety of different share options still available. Karl and I signed up for an every other week share which will allow us to still support our local Kingfield Farmer’s Market. Smart thinking on their part! They have a lot of land, including lots of wooded areas. When their children began running cross-country in high school they started clearing paths through the woods for them to run. 2 years ago they opened the trails to CSA members and now host several runs throughout the season of varying lengths and levels of adventure open to anyone.

18 people participated in Sunday’s 10 mile adventure run and I think I heard almost everyone of them say how beautiful, amazing, and challenging the course was. It had open fields, heavily wooded areas, deep ravines, and a thigh-deep stream (that’s thigh deep on my 6’4″ husband). Karl said for the majority of the race he was completely alone with nothing but the sound of the birds singing and the smell of wet ferns. How peacefully zen!

I wandered around the farm shortly after the race started taking pics of farm-like things (total city girl here, I admit) then headed into the woods for some action shots. ***Disclaimer: I am so NOT a sports photographer!  Here’s a few, okay, a lot of pictures of the day:

I think these are young turkeys. City girl, remember.

Look at this barn!! This would make a great background for a family shoot. Such great texture!

Sadly, the old farm house was struck by lightning a few years back and caught fire making it no longer livable. The family is in the process of building their own super cool log cabin.

A field where things are starting to grow. Hello little veggies, I can’t wait to put you in my belly!

And the race… This is in the woods, at about the 6.25 mile mark.

Here’s the hubby!And, the first and second place winners!
3rd place.
And, my rock star husband coming in 4th place. Yay Karl! Pretty flippin’ awesome for a guy who ran his first race only 3 weeks ago! The top 3 men and top 3 women with their laser etched wooden plaques.
Congratulations to all who participated. And a huge thank to Treasured Haven Farm for hosting such an awesome event. Karl and I definitely be back, and I might even tie on my running shoes!


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