Megan – minneapolis maternity photos

It’s been a while since I’ve done a maternity shoot and I’ve been playing around with some different ideas so I enlisted the help of my friend Megan to come be my oh-so-preggars model. We met last week in my studio in Northeast and had a super fun, super girl-y time with different posing and wardrobe changes. With such a lovely model, the photos turned out perfectly and I’ve had a fun time exploring different editing techniques.

Above I added a fitting quote for a mother to be along with a touch of gritty texture to contrast her radient glow. Below, I wanted a flow-y ethereal look. This one is also proof you don’t need much to get creative – those are $4 Ikea curtains she’s wrapped up in!

These are all about the belly, look how cute she is!!

Below is a different look than I normally go for but I think it is a really nice option for a maternity session. The photo was taken with a very slight amount of blur, then sepia toned and a texture was added. The final image has the appearance of a painting rather than a photograph. I think it’s quite lovely and would make a beautiful canvas wrap.

And just for fun we had to do the My waist is how big?!! shot.

A huge thanks to Megan for sharing her beautiful belly with me. I can’t wait to meet little Henry in September!

You can find out more information about a Kendell Victoria photo session here.

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