Mpls in Orange

When not photographing people and pets, I love to wander around the city with camera in hand. My goal is often to capture the tiny details that go unnoticed or an unusual perspective of a well known scene.  I love when people look at a photo I took and say “huh, I never noticed that before”.

A few weeks ago I came across the Paris in Color project by writer/photographer Nichole Robertson. During her first winter living in Paris, she grew tired of beige architecture and gray skies. One day she noticed a splash of red color amidst all the dullness and set out to photograph only red things, then only blue, then yellow, and so the project evolved.

The project really spoke to me, I liked the idea of setting out each day with a specific color goal. And so I decided to try my own color project. October in Minneapolis? Of course, my first color focus would be orange!

I spent a few beautiful days walking around my Kingfield neighborhood looking for anything orange. It was everywhere, all the trees were orange, the veggies at the farmer’s market were orange, the Vote No to the MN marriage amendment were orange (and they were everywhere!), orange doors, orange signs, orange orange orange!

Though shot almost entirely in Kingfield, the images below represent some of the little details that I think make Minneapolis interesting. What do you think of the project, what are some of the things you think makes Minneapolis great?

I think I’ll do red next, so stay tuned!
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2 thoughts on “Mpls in Orange

  1. I really like the idea of theme color. The first orange door is awesome, the no signs, yarn and the farmers market. Those are my favorite here. Nice work!

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