More Adoptable Dogs! – Save a Bull Rescue, MN + Kendell Victoria Photography

More wonderful dogs from Save a Bull Rescue!

This is Valarie.
save a bull ValerieValarie’s a big girl!

adoptable pit bull valerieShe’s about 4 years old, a fast learner, a super cuddler, and very playful. She took my monkey and ran!!

pit bull attacks monkey!She can be a tad bit stubborn (but can’t all dogs?!!) so she’ll need someone willing to give her lots of time and guidance. She’s totally worth it! Click here for more info on Valarie.

Here’s little Amelia.adoptable black lab ameliaAmelia is one of 4 black lab puppies that came to Save a Bull after they were rescued from some fool (my polite word for him/her) that left them outside day and night in the Minnesota cold.

lab puppy needs forever home Amelia has a calm energy and did everything I asked her to do without protest. The most compliant puppy ever! Her foster mother assured me that Amelia is not always so mellow, she can be ‘hell on wheels’ when playing at home!

save a bull lab puppy amelia

More about Amelia here.

This is a bull blue pit bull ariel Ariel is a super playful 2 year old with a beautiful blue-gray coat. She’s a talker and has the wiggliest butt ever. She loves kids and other dogs.

adoptable playful pit bull arielShe has this sad sad face…

ariel's sad pit bull face But when she finds her forever home, she’ll have this happy face!

ariel smiling pit bull

Find out more about Ariel here.

More information about these and other dogs can be found on the Save a Bull site.

You can LIKE Kendell Victoria Photography and Save a Bull on Facebook.

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