Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! – Save a Bull Rescue Adoptable Pit Bulls

I volunteered to photograph 13 dogs available for adoption through Save a Bull Rescue. So here are three more!!

Sweet little Noelle.
tiny puppy for adoption MN Noelle and her brother were sold to a woman when they were just one week old. Realizing she couldn’t care for them, the woman finally surrendered them to Save a Bull when they were both near death. Sadly, her brother died that night but Noelle survived and was nursed back to health by Save a Bull. She is now a wiggly and inquisitive little puppy looking for her forever home.

6 week old pit bull puppy

One thing I did not know about Pit Bulls is how insanely cuddly they are. Almost every dog I photographed crawled into my lap for a snuggle at some point during the shoot. Noelle, being a puppy, was in that must-chew-on-everything stage with her little razor sharp baby teeth. She attacked my hands, she attacked my boots, she attacked my toy monkey! When I’d pick her up to move her, I was sure she might nibble on my earlobe, yet she didn’t. Instead she instantly melted in my arms to cuddle. These are super cuddly dogs, it breaks my heart the bad reputation they’ve gotten thanks to irresponsible owners and the media. Look at that face, look at those blue eyes. This little gal will peer straight into your soul and love you forever!tiny pit bull puppyNoelle will be available for adoption at 10 weeks, which is coming up soon. Contact Save a Bull today.


This is Gaby.Gaby almost came home with us. She was so wonderful, she may still end up in our home. She’s only 9 months and is so calm and just wants to please everyone. She did exactly what I asked her to do. Her foster mother said she’s the best foster dog ever, so well behaved, comes when called, good with other dogs, house broken and crate trained. Gaby’s the whole package, she’ll make someone very happy.And isn’t she just beautiful? More info about Gaby can be found here.adoptable pit bull MN


And here’s Duncan!Save a bull rescue mn This awesome little dude found his forever home! Congratulations to Duncan and congratulations to his new forever family!happy pit bull photographybeautiful red and white pit bull

Yay for Save a Bull and all the great work they do!! Like them on Facebook here. And like Kendell Victoria Photography here. Thanks for reading!

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