Puppies for adoption+Saveabull Rescue MN

Would you believe these two are brother and sister?pit bull puppies MN

Sweet little Wyatt is obviously the runt of the litter. He and his sister had just been placed with a Save a Bull foster family the night before our photo shoot. He was so skinny and tiny, I’m sure he’s gotten good and chubby in the last few weeks since then.

Saveabull Rescue MN puppy

He is such a sweetie, he needs a home. More info about Wyatt here.

pit bull puppy

And sister, Leslie, is playful and outgoing. When I picked her up she would melt right into me!

black pit bull puppy saveabull

cute pit bull puppy saveabull MN

What a face! More about Leslie here. Or adopt them both!

black and white pit bull puppies, saveabull rescue

puppies for adoption
And, I am very happy to report that 2 year old Musky has found his forever home! Congratulations Musky and family!

brindle pit bull, saveabull rescue MN
Save a Bull will be at Urban Animal in Uptown on Saturday, January 26th. Come meet some of these great dogs!

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Saveabull Rescue

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