Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture Studio – Minneapolis, MN

The opening of Four Gates Studio in south Minneapolis two years ago is one of those instances in which the universe gave me exactly what I needed when I needed it!

I had just quit my day job and was unsure about getting back into photography. I was all alone in the house, the hubby was stuck working out of state for 2 months, our closest friend had just died, it was winter, and if all that wasn’t enough I was about to turn that unspeakable age when most people buy fancy sports cars and gain 30 pounds. It would not be wrong to say I was feeling fairly depressed.

I was looking forward to having yoga classes so close to home but a shiny new studio was a little intimidating. I had always done yoga through community ed in smelly high school gymnasiums. My yoga pants had holes in them. What if they turn their snobby yoga noses up at me?

I wandered over one morning and met Christian. I was the only person in class (yikes, awkward!) but right away Christian made me feel at home. He was friendly and down-to-earth, a great instructor and a really cool dude!

And so I went back. I dragged my neighbors with, when Karl got home from Cali I dragged him, the classes started to fill up. We met new people, we made new friends. We tried kettlebells, we started running, we got healthy!!

twin cities yoga and kettlebell studio

four gates physical and energetic culture studioI am so thankful to Colleen and Christian for making Four Gates a community of people working to make themselves better and not just another mindless gym. There’s no competition, no judgement, just a welcoming atmosphere for people of all levels of fitness. It’s crazy to see the transformation in people’s attitudes and bodies after coming to the studio for a while. People have toned up, lost weight, and let go of anger and anxiety. We are a happier bunch thanks to Four Gates!!

Four Gates offers kettlebells, yoga, Qi Gong, Qoya, heart running, cosmic kettlebells, as well as personal training, massage,  and acupuncture. They have a 3 for $30 offer so you can try things out. See you in class!!

More information about Four Gates can be found on their website.

You can LIKE Four Gates on Facebook.

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