Foster failure – Wags & Whiskers’ Emmett finds forever home

Remember Emmett? He’s found his forever home!W&W-Emmett-137I visited Emmett and his foster family last month to take pictures for his online profile. A great photo goes a long way to help a dog find his forever home and I love getting to hang with the dogs.

Emmett was perfect! Super friendly and cute as a button. The photos turned out great, but I knew they would not help him find his forever home because it was clear that his foster parents were never going to give him up! They were obviously head over heels in love with him. Once they made their final decision they wrote what might possibly be the most beautiful letter a rescue organization could ever receive. Grab a box of tissues and have a read…


Dear Wags and Whiskers Animal Rescue,

We have had Jeezy (Now Emmett) since February 19th and feel we should share some unfortunate news. After getting to know Emmett for this last month we know without a doubt he is completely unfit to be adopted. Emmett has some major issues:
1. Emmett is overly affectionate and insists on giving kisses and unconditional love
2. Emmett needs to be on a lap, under a blanket on the couch and snuggle almost constantly
3. Emmett has bonded with our two dogs and undoubtedly become part of our family
4. Emmett has also received numerous silly nicknames such as “Emmett waffle froggy pants” that he will only respond to us to.
5. We have watched Emmett go from an unsure dog to a confident guy who greets us every day with a tail wag and sense of joy
6. Perhaps worst of all we love him so much we could more easily give up a limb than forgo a lifetime of spoiling this dog and making sure every day he is with us is gift.

In closing Emmett is unfit to leave us and he will need to officially become a member of our family. All members of our family agree from the tear-filled freedom ride home Emmett was in fact in his forever home.

Charlie, Heather, Ari (Labrador) & Penelope (Dachshund)


Congratulations Heather, Charlie, and Emmett!! What a perfect happy ending!

Here’s a few pictures Heather and Charlie have taken of life with Emmett.lab and pit bull 3 dogs in bathtub pit bull and lab wait at door dogs in costumes st. patricks's day

Heather has her own blog, Butter & Bricks, where she writes about her two passions: cooking and home improvement. Be sure to check her out!

Learn more about Wags & Whiskers Rescue and see their adoptable pets here.

If you didn’t see all the photos from Emmett’s session be sure to check them out here.

And, please like Kendell Victoria Photography on Facebook to keep up with all my goings on.

Thanks for reading!!


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