Social Media Profile Pics, Professional Headshots, Environmental Portraits

A professional head shot for your online profile.  What is it really good for?

A professional headshot can earn you more money. Employers these days check your online profile. A great profile pic tells them that you are a professional with an attention to detail, it will give you an edge over the competition and likely a better offer than had you gone with the iPhone photo of you on the beach with a beer in your hand and a scorching sunburn.

A professional headshot could find your soulmate. If you’re using an online dating site ditch the photo of yourself 20 years ago and 20 lbs lighter. People need to see the real you, under the right lighting in a clearly focused image that flatters how you look today.

A professional headshot can boost your confidence. You know that feeling after a haircut or a mani-pedi? You feel attractive and a little bit fancy. Sadly hair grows out and nail polish chips. A photo lasts forever. With a professional headshot, every time you log into your social media accounts you’ll feel a little fancy. And, when you add the photo to your profile all the compliments you receive from your friends/fans/followers will make you feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy.

environmental portrait for social media minneapolis photographersocial media head shots twin cities photographyprofessional head shot for social media minneapolis photographerSo, now that you’re convinced that a professional headshot will change your life, you might be wondering what it will cost? Less than a summer’s worth of haircuts and mani-pedis!

I have a special social media package for $175.

It includes:

  • a 30 minute on-location session in Minneapolis (mileage fee applied for locations outside the metro)
  • 8-10 edited and lightly retouched proofs in an online gallery
  • 2 web-resolution images for your online profile
  • the option to purchase additional digital files or professional prints

That’s a heck of a deal!! Contact me ASAP for this life changing experience!!


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