President Obama at the Lake Harriet Bandshell, Minneapolis, MN

This morning I had the opportunity to see the President of the United States speak at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. My friend, Kristin, and I got there early and found a good spot just on the edge of the wooden benches. Around 9 am, they brought on The Steeles, a toe-tapping good gospel band for some pre-Barrack entertainment.The Steeles gospel band with Obama at Lake Harriet BandshellAs you can see, we had a pretty good spot standing on the edge of the seated section. I was feeling pretty good about things until Amy Klobuchar came out to speak. amy klobuchar at President Obama's talk at lake harriet bandshell

Of course she had some very nice things to say but it was at this point that I realized the problem of being on the side of the stage. If Amy stood just under the tele-prompter, Barrack would be standing just behind it. Oh no.

obama arrives at lake harriet bandshell in MinneapolisHe arrives and we all go wild!!

obama behind a teleprompter in MinneapolisYep, this was our view. I spent much of his speech on my tip toes, camera glued to my face waiting for the off chance that he would lean forward or step to the side. Peek-a-boo Mr. President.

obama-074Eventually, I got myself to a spot where I could get a few good shots.

obama at the podium minneapolis, mn

barrack obama's visit to minneapolis

obama in minneapolis, june 27 2014

There were about 2000 Minnesotans at the event. And, yes, one guy on a cell phone.

obama-106We had an R.T. Rybak sighting!


At the end, we snuck into the VIP area and almost got close enough to shake his hand!

obama in the crowd at lake harriet bandshell

obama shaking hands in Minneapolis

obama smiling at lake harriet bandshellOverall, it was an amazing experience. He spoke in a relaxed and casual manner (which, frankly, made me wonder if he was even using those darn tele-prompters) about things that matter, like raising the minimum wage, equal opportunities for all Americans, and affordable health care. He talked about Rebekah Erler, the woman who wrote the letter that inspired him to come here and see what a day in the life of working Minnesotans is really like. He was funny, and witty, and he was hopeful.

 Cynicism is a choice, and hope is a better choice. Every day, I am lucky enough to receive a thousand acts of hope.


Thank you, Mr. President!!


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