Puppy Photography for Secondhand Hounds, Minnesota Dog Rescue

My friend, Lindsey, volunteers as a foster doggie dad with Secondhand Hounds. His favorite fosters to care for are rescued momma dogs about to give birth. momma dog Ivy, pit bull for adoption, MNHe took in sweet Ivy and gave her a safe and warm place to have her 6 puppies then helped her care for them for 8 weeks until they were available for adoption. Ivy did well, these are some gorgeous little pups! pit bull puppies in the grass, 8 week old pit bull puppies, secondhand hounds, MN adopt, don't shop, pit bull puppy photo by Kendell Victoria Cub/Bruno pit bull puppy adopted secondhand hounds, MN puppy in the grass, pit bull, secondhand hounds, kendell victoria photography black pit bull puppy with apple in his mouth, adopt don't shop, secondhand hounds black puppy dog in front of yellow house, adoptable pit bull, MinnesotaAll of them have been adopted and are happily living in their new forever homes. Ivy is still being fostered with Lindsey until she finishes her heart worm treatment then she will be available for adoption too. If you’d like more about adopting Ivy or another fabulous rescue dog, please contact Secondhand Hounds.


One thought on “Puppy Photography for Secondhand Hounds, Minnesota Dog Rescue

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