Foster Dog Reunion to benefit Secondhand Hounds Hospice Program

This may be my favorite blog posting ever! Over the weekend, my dog’s former foster dad, Lindsey LeBlanc, held a reunion inviting all his former foster dogs and their families to come out and play for an afternoon. He’s been fostering dogs for several years now, and in the last two years he started taking in pregnant momma dogs and caring for them and their puppies until they are old enough to be adopted. He’s fostered 96 dogs for Secondhand Hounds in two years. Yes, 96 dogs!

pit bulls, minnesota, secondhand hounds, foster reunion

Over 20 families were able to attend the reunion. There were hot dogs and hamburgers, fresh baked cookies, lots of dog treats, and just a bit of dog slobber!

shh foster reunion, pit bulls, foster familiesThe dogs had a blast, some of them paired off and played one on one.

pit bull puppies playing, secondhand hounds, foster reunion

pit bulls playing, foster reunion, adopt don't shop, don't bully my breed

Mostly they all just played together.

pit bulls playing, dog park, dogs at play, twin cities

And they played with us humans, too!

little girl with pit bull, pit bulls minneapolis, mn, secondhand hounds,

foster dog reunion, secondhand hounds, minnesota dog photography

dogs sitting, pit bulls, minnesota dog photographer, secondhand hounds

This is my girl, Eclipse, slurping on Lindsey. Eclipse was orphaned and abandoned at just 3 weeks of age and Lindsey cared for her until she was 6 months old when we adopted her. Two and half years later and she still goes berserk every time she sees him!

pit bull, foster reunion, saveabull, secondhand hounds, minneapolis

Just look at some of these happy puppy faces!


And some of their happy families.

happy pit bull family

happy pit bull family

happy pit bull family

happy pit bull family

little girl with pit bull puppy

Lindsey adopted momma Ivy, here they are with her daughters, Georgia and Brynley, and their families.

pit bull families

We tried to get a mother daughter shot but there was just too much excitement going on! Momma Ivy and her daughter, Georgia, have identical markings. I photographed Ivy and her puppies last year too, check that out here.

twins, mom and daughter pit bull, identical dogs, adopt don't shop

Lindsey requested a donation from each family to benefit Secondhand Hounds Hospice Program. They just started their hospice program this spring so that in addition to all the momma dogs, puppies, and other adoptable dogs that they find permanent homes for, they can now care for elderly and terminally ill pets. Almost $250 from this event will go to help with the costs associated with care for a hospice pet.

A big thanks to Lindsey, Secondhand Hounds, all the foster parents, adoptive parents, and of course the happy pups who came out and made us all laugh at the first annual Foster Reunion!

secondhand hounds foster dogs


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