Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture Studio – Minneapolis, MN

The opening of Four Gates Studio in south Minneapolis two years ago is one of those instances in which the universe gave me exactly what I needed when I needed it! I had just quit my day job and was unsure about getting back into photography. I was all alone in the house, the hubby […]

Treasured Haven Farm Adventure Run

Yesterday the hubby woke me at 6 o’clock in the morning. On a Sunday. His goal was to drag me over an hour’s drive north of the city to a farm in Rush City, MN. Did I mention it was 50 some degrees outside and misting/raining? Yeah, this could be the meanest thing he’s ever […]

Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to have Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture right here in the Kingfield neighborhood. First, I get to walk to my yoga class, how awesome is that?!! I finally got Karl to try yoga with me, turns out he loves it! Second, we’ve discovered […]

Outdoor concert

Last weekend, Karl and I spent a Saturday afternoon doing something completely out of the ordinary. We attended a concert by local musician, Jeremy Messersmith, in a Minneapolis cemetery. Yes, a cemetery. How cool is that?!! Apparently Jeremy wrote almost his entire recent album, The Reluctant Graveyard, while hanging out in the Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery. It […]