Minneapolis Toddler Studio Photos – mpls children’s photographer

Everly is one fast moving toddler! Even in my tiny studio, I had a hard time keeping up with her! I love her big blue eyes, Grandpa Bear, and skinny jeans!  Like Kendell Victoria Photography on facebook!

Sisters – Hastings MN Photography

Downtown Hastings provided the perfect backdrop for this session with Nicole and Natasha. Aren’t they just the most beautiful young ladies?Click here to LIKE Kendell Victoria Photography on facebook.

Sisters! – minneapolis portrait photographer

This is such a fantastic time of year to have pictures taken outside. Everything is so green and vibrant. I photographed these gorgeous sisters, Addie and Mea, in Loring Park just before sunset when the light is golden and lovely. More information about a Kendell Victoria session can be found here. Show your love here […]

Everly – Minneapolis baby photography

Everly and her rock star parents! Aren’t they a gorgeous family?!!

Amelie – MN children’s photography

I’ve been really behind on blogging and neglected to post any of my winter outdoor sessions. Yes, I was actually able to shoot outdoors this winter! Remember that one day we got snow? Ame and I played around at St. Anthony Main. She’s so fun and full of life, I just love her! Enjoy a […]

Color or black and white?

One of the joys (and dilemmas) with digital photography is all the possibilities that arise in editing photos. The first and most basic decision is whether an image should be done in color or black and white. It used to be in the days of film that I either shot with color film or black […]

Arianna and Emmalee

Arianna is such a cutie! Nine months old, wide-eyed and immobile – this may be my new favorite age to photograph!And big sis, Emmalee. Tattoos (temporary) and a tiara, she’s my kind of girl!