Fine Art Friday – Toy Photography

Woo-hoo! It’s Fine Art Friday! I bet you didn’t find all your gifts at the mall today! These 5×5 inch toy prints would make a great addition to your nephew’s room (Ikea sells square frames). They might look great pinned to your quirky co-worker ‘s bulletin board. Or maybe they make you feel nostalgic and […]

Fine Art Friday! – New York Photography

I know it’s one of the most photographed of all NY icons but the Brooklyn Bridge is so spectacular, walking across it is a truly magical experience.  Like this image? Now you can buy Kendell Victoria fine art images online. I’ve opened a store on Society6, an online suplier for artists to sell their work. […]

Mpls in Orange

When not photographing people and pets, I love to wander around the city with camera in hand. My goal is often to capture the tiny details that go unnoticed or an unusual perspective of a well known scene.  I love when people look at a photo I took and say “huh, I never noticed that […]